I was born and raised in the Steel City. Gorgeously gritty, Pittsburgh, PA. After getting a B.A. in English, I started a career in television. A promotion plopped me in sunny SoCal working for Twentieth Century Fox Film and Sports, but creative writing was always my passion. 

Today, I do exactly what I love. I write picture books!

​Bold characters, animals, nature and heartfelt imagination are my inspiration.

My inner 8-year-old runs the show.

Although I write for kids, I believe there’s magic in picture books for humans of all ages. My hope is that my words make it all the way from my heart… to yours.

This is why I write.

Minor Details:

  • I live in Manhattan Beach, CA with my husband and fur kid, a 16-year-old Westie, Enzo.
  • Every Friday, we celebrate pizza night. Our license plate is PZANITE!
  • I collect picture books, of course.
  • Rainy days make me happy. Rainy nights, happier.
  • Animals are my heart.
  • A talent I wish I had: Drawing! I’m in awe of illustrators.
  • I believe anything is possible.
  • My grandfather nicknamed me Jenny Wren, after the bird.
  • I need naps.
  • My favorite exercise is walking the seaside with Enzo.
  • I love podcasts.
  • I’m all about compassion, equality, and animal welfare.
Enzo, Best Friend and Beta Reader.